Decrease costs with streamlined processes, every day.

ResaleAI – the employee that you will never want to lose.

RAI provides value in many ways.  One simple way is that RAI just eliminates some labor.

Every morning:  RAI calculates and posts the daily goals.  RAI sets up the daybook with the right checklists for the day plus notes and tasks from the day before.  And it adds the tasks or comments that you thought of when you got the day close email.  RAI never runs out of paper or printer toner.  RAI filed the daybook page from yesterday so that the history at your fingertips.

Throughout the day:  RAI notifies customers by text that their buy is ready, with a click of the mouse from a POS.  No one spends time on phone calls, return calls, voice mail, updating the whiteboard, or yelling across the store.  When RAI stores publish their texting number on instagram (yes, we give you your own texting number), they don’t need to check instagram for comments all day.  They are notified on the DayBook screen on the POS about all incoming texts and respond with a click.

RAI calculates the real-time Sales, Trade Percentage, and Average Buy Wait Time throughout the day where everyone working in the store can see it.  And posts it for owners and managers to see from their phone, which probably saves another phone call or two.  I don’t know what your staff currently does to measure how they are performing against their goals for the day, or how much time they spend on it.  But RAI gives them great feedback instantly.

At night:  RAI waits until the day close finishes – so no one else needs to – then sends the nightly email update to the owners and managers.  RAI looks up the previous year’s results and compares the current day, so you see the day’s results in the context of growth.

RAI uploads the day’s new email addresses from DRS to Constant Contact.  And updates Quickbooks with Sales, Buys, and COGs journal entries from the day.

Backstock:  An RAI store takes new back stock to the backroom or storage unit and puts it in numerical order with the other bins.  How much time does your staff spend rearranging the whole room because one sub-category is growing faster than the others?

When replenishing the floor, RAI tells you by bin number which are the oldest bins of a category and which storage location they are in.  There is no need to dig through a sub-category section of bins to find the oldest one.

How much will you save?  Use the sheet below.  We asked some current ResaleAI customers, and they save about 90 min a day from the things we have listed.  For a single store, ResaleAI costs a little less than $4.90 a day.  Will RAI timesaving save you more than it costs?  Do you want to see the many other financial benefits to the DayBook, the ResaleAI Buy Process, and the Back Stock system.  Check out our other posts here.

Better yet, schedule an on-line demo with one of ResaleAI’s founders.  See it in action.  Ask any questions you want. Talk through the ROI.   Click to Schedule a Demo.