Where is the Return On Investment in ResaleAI?

You have heard that ResaleAI can make everybody’s life better – you, your staff, and your customers.  But where is the financial return on the monthly investment?  Does ResaleAI reduce expenses or increase revenue?

We think you will like the answer, but it is more than a sound bite.  ResaleAI can have a broad and deep impact in your store.  One that touches expense AND revenue.  Operations AND marketing.  So we are doing a series of blog posts to talk about the ROI of RAI.  Here is the outline we are going to follow with a post for each topic.  As we post a drill down into each topic, we will make each topic below a link.

1.  Decrease costs with streamlined processes, every day.  Read more…

ResaleAI –  the employee you will never want to lose.

2.  Increase revenue & margin with the right product in the right place at the right time.  Read more…

Make best practices the path of least resistance with RAI Backstock.

3.  Increase customer frequency with better engagement.

Engage with customers on the channel where they talk.

4.  Increase customer frequency with a better customer experience.

The customer experience is in your team’s hands.

5.  Make better decisions with better and timelier information

Better insight into your store’s past, present, and future.

6.  Get that ‘the owner’s in the store’ bump even when the owner is not in the store

See the store and let them see you from wherever you are.

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