What’s new in ResaleAI version 3

  • Performance
    • Beyond changes to the look and feel, our newest update includes performance enhancements that make RAI even faster and more responsive
  • Team Mode
    • Individual employee PIN codes provide increased visibility and accountability
  • Daybook
    • Enhancements to tasks and notes give you greater control and flexibility
    • Assign tasks in advance or mark that a task is in progress
    • Add a due date and time to tasks, and know when tasks are completed late
    • More easily add notes and tasks for a future date
    • Specify the dates that a note is visible, whether one day or
    • Add manager-only notes and tasks
    • Add shifts manually if not using When I Work
    • Add additional detail to shifts to give employees assigned zones or plan breaks
    • Average transaction and trade % display in real time
  • Buys
    • With our new tablet, you can fully check in a buy and without taking up a POS computer. Submit from the tablet to create the buy in DRS and labels print from the existing receipt printer
    • With our new scanners, quickly scan a driver’s license to find or add a customer and check in a buy
    • See full details and a timeline on closed buys to know exactly who did what and when. Also view enhanced buy details on the customer page to see a customer’s buy history
    • Track tagging on completed buys and know how many buys need to be tagged
  • Backstock
    • Table no longer resets after a bin is updated, so you can make edits faster
    • Our new scanners will allow you to scan multiple bins and make bulk updates to notes and location

Tablet & Scanner Overview


  • Check-in a buy without taking up a POS computer. Submit from the tablet and remotely print labels at the POS printer
  • Get out from behind the cashwrap and maintain productivity. Complete tasks as you walk the sales floor, perform audits, and manage backstock bins in the back room
  • Option to purchase with LTE to have data while at offsite storage


  • Scan a driver’s license to quickly save customer details and start a new buy. We securely store and encrypt all personally identifying information.
  • Scan buy slips to easily find a buy when a customer returns, or when auditing a buy later
  • Scan backstock bins to bulk update their location or add notes to multiple bins at once
  • Works both with the tablet and the POS computers

Preorder Now

  • Microsoft Surface Go Tablet (8GB RAM, 256GB HD, Win 10 Pro)
  • Sturdy UAG case with carrying strap
  • Zebra Scanner – 2 options

Items are offered at MSRP, and are enterprise-level solutions

To preorder yours, go to orders.resaleai.com