Integrate DRS with ResaleAI

Integrate DRS with ResaleAI

If you aren’t using a POS computer to view this page, go to a POS logged into Windows with your store account and go to to integrate DRS.

  1. From a POS logged into Windows with your store account, click the Download ResaleAI Sync button below.  This will download ResaleAI Sync to your POS.
  2. When a window pops up asking if you want to install, click Yes.
  3. In a couple of minutes the small ResaleAI Sync window will appear.
  4. You’re Done!!

Keep ResaleAI Sync running while your stores are open, and DRS will work with ResaleAI in near-realtime.  There will be an icon on your POS desktop that you can click to restart ResaleAI if it stops for any reason.  It’s just that simple.

Download sync

Why integrate DRS?  With the DRS integration you can:

Any and all of these wondrous benefits are yours with just a couple of clicks on the Account Settings screen!  After you integrate DRS!  So do it now!!

Having trouble Integrating DRS?  Just send us a message by clicking the question mark at the bottom right of any ResaleAI screen.