Not a revolutionary statement. And yet, according to Staples Small Business Survey 80% of small business owners don’t set goals for their company or team.

Why is that?

Well, it can be difficult to do and the fear of setting the wrong goal can often times cause paralysis of analysis. Once the goal is set, how do you align the team? Who keeps track of performance?

These are just a few of the challenges solved by ResaleAI. We use predictive analytics and data to formulate a daily goal based on your past performance and trends. Then we share and track progress right at the POS, keeping the team accountable while creating a winning culture.

Not in the store all day? No problem. With real-time updates you can quickly see how the store’s doing right from your mobile device. We’ll even send you a nightly email recapping the day’s numbers. Keeping you informed and in control.

Join ResaleAI today and harness the power of a performance driven team.