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We were hesitant to add a new line item to our expense column, but wow, ResaleAI has easily paid for itself in customer satisfaction alone. Additionally, the information provided in each daily email really helps me to seize training opportunities when they are fresh. If all of that isn't enough, some of the new features, such as buy check-ins via mobile phone, etc. are going to cut down on labor hours and even increase marketing capabilities through SEO and true conversion tracking!

My only complaint is that Winmark, thus far, hasn't been willing to subsidize this (or something like it.) This is an incredible opportunity to provide their franchisees with some much needed technological support with very little relative effect on their bottom line. What an amazing way for them to practice the customer service that is so often "preached" at conference.

Each new ResaleAI feature and integration continues to propel our stores forward and the customer service that ResaleAI provides to us is absolutely top notch. I'd be happy to talk with anyone about how we rolled out each feature as well as some of our developed best practices.

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