There is a surprise at the bottom of your ResaleAI screen. It is a link to your Weekly Summary Report.

The report compares your Sales, Average Transaction, and Buys for each day of the week to your ResaleAI goals. They are also compared against the previous year’s comparison day, “Comps”. Our users told us that summary reports would be a great value-add for ResaleAI, so this is our first step.

At the bottom of the report is an analysis of Labor Efficiency. This is currently only functional for stores who use the When I Work integration. This section of the report displays Hours and Wages pulled from When I Work. Then, it uses those numbers from When I Work and from ResaleAI, to compute Labor Cost as a percentage of Sales or “Labor %”.
The Weekly Summary Report is a Beta feature, so we are looking for feedback from you, our user community. Try it out, and let us know what you think.