New stuff is cool — we love building new stuff and sharing it with you. We also recognize that stability is absolutely critical in the store environment and change is not always good.

That is why we are introducing ResaleAI Labs. Now you can have control over whether you want to get access to features and changes early, or wait until the time is right for you and your team.

Just log into ResaleAI with your owner or manager account and click on the Labs icon. From there you can see what we are working on in the Lab and turn it on or off.

You can even choose to be a beta tester and be among the very first to have access to small tweaks and changes as well as bigger features. If you choose to be a beta tester, you will see the option to be an alpha tester. But you probably want to leave that one to us. That is how we test before we release updates to the beta group.

Have a feature you would like to see in ResaleAI? Tell us about it.