Hey Style Encore owners,

You do not want to miss this deal – there may never be another one like it.

If you aren’t using ResaleAI yet, we are going to give it to you absolutely free from now through the Style Encore conference on November 10th.

There is no contract, no signup fee, no hardware to buy, nothing.

Absolutely 100% free to you from now until conference.

WHAT?!?! Why would you give us such an incredible deal?

With ResaleAI, running your store is a lot easier and more efficient. We help you and your team manage daily tasks, keep track of your backstock, send & receive text messages with customers, and even connect DRS with other services like Quickbooks, Constant Contact, and FiveStars.

We currently work with about 1/3rd of all Style Encores and we want to work with you too. You’ll find the feedback from other store owners is overwhelmingly positive. They say things like “Hands down, the best money spent”, “Makes life way easier”, and “ResaleAI has revolutionized how I run my business!”

You really have to see it to believe it. So, we are letting you see what ResaleAI can do for your store, for free.

What happens after conference? Are you going to charge me an arm and a leg to keep it?

No way. After conference, you can continue using RAI for the regular monthly price of $149/mo per store. Or you can cancel and never give us a dime.

Oh, and if you have multiple stores, you get a 5% multi-store discount.

What about other brands? Can we get this deal too?

Sorry, this is only available for Style Encore, and only until their 2017 conference on November 10th.

I want to try ResaleAI!     or     I’m not sure yet, let’s schedule a demo.


Customer Testimonials

Linda Fong Avatar
Linda Fong

Although I was not able to make it to 2016 conference, I learned about ResaleAI through (of all things!) a facebook sponsored ad. I immediately called to find out more. This has made my life so much easier in terms of communication and knowing where we are at all times. There are still the daily challenges of getting everyone on the same page and training, but at least we know where our numbers are, does away with the chat pages that very part timers miss out on information when they only work a few days a week - anybody can log in at anytime.

The wheniwork and DRS integration - wow! The inventory tracking. Double wow! I don't have to keep any complicated spreadsheets and I can sort by category or age or location. It has been well worth implementing and wish we had it sooner!

Krista Salinski Avatar
Krista Salinski

If you have not jumped on board with Resale AI, I encourage you to. It is impossible to regret! My staff & customers both love the features that this program offers, but I definitely love it the most! It keeps my store/staff organized and makes life way easier! I also love that if you're having any problems with the program you or your staff can chat with Jackson or Glenn and get a response/resolution quickly. Resale AI was created by a franchisee and that makes it even better... someone who knows your daily struggle and knows your business inside and out. I will recommend and stand behind Resale AI all day! 5/20/2017

Erin C. Mazz Avatar
Erin C. Mazz

Best thing my store has implemented- HANDS DOWN! Too robust a system to go into here but Wow! Worth its weight in gold!!! 1/22/2017