Are you seeing real-time sales data on the ResaleAI Day Book?  Do you want to?  Here’s how.

In January, we added realtime sales data to the ResaleAI Day Book. Realtime sales can appear in two places on the Day Book Screen.  If you have set Goals, a small box will appear attached to the bottom of the Sales Goal at the top of the page.  Realtime sales will appear at the bottom of the BUYS block on the lower right of the screen.
But, for you to see your own realtime sales there are two software requirements:
1. Your DRS system must be version 7 or above.
2. Your ResaleAI Sync version must be 1.10 or above. ResaleAI Sync is that small piece of software that connects to DRS.  It is running all the time in the background on one or more of your POS computers.
How do you get DRS 7 or above?
You probably know which version of DRS you are using, but if not, look at the bottom right of your DRS screen.  To upgrade your DRS version, contact your Winmark FOM or the Winmark Helpdesk.  Tell them you are a ResaleAI customer who wants a to upgrade DRS because you want  realtime sales.  They will tell you how.
How do you get ResaleAI Sync version 1.7 or above?
Step 1. Find out which version of ResaleAI Sync you currently have. You can click the Help Chat button and ask us which version you have.  Or.  Find a POS with ResaleAI Browser Sync running on it. Then click ALT-TAB until you see the small blue and white screen with the AI logo. The version number is on that small window.
Step 2. If you currently have ResaleAI Sync 1.7 or higher.  Just close the ResaleAI Sync window on your POS.  Then restart ResaleAI Sync.  When it asks if you want to update it, say Yes.
Step 2. If you currently have ResaleAI Browser 1.64.  Yes, this older version of the sync program was called ResaleAI Browser.  To update to the latest sync version, close ALL ResaleAI Browser windows – both the small window that is connected to the DRS and the actual browser that you may have opened by clicking the logo in the small window.  And never open ResaleAI browser again.  Then use Chrome to go to your ResaleAI account.  Go to the Settings page, click the DRS link, and then click the button that says “Download ResaleAI Sync to your POS”.  Follow the instructions as they pop up.  If you have any trouble with this, click the Support button at the bottom of the page, and we will help.
Please note: After you upgrade ResaleAI Sync, you will never want to run version 1.64 again. It could cause you problems. To prevent anyone from starting version 1.64 by mistake, delete the icon for it from the Windows desktop. Also, let your staff know that ResaleAI Sync should ALWAYS be running. ResaleAI Browser should NEVER be running.
If you need help with any of this, or just have a question, click the Support Button at the bottom of the page. We are here to help.