adjective: organized; adjective: organized


Being organized is good, and while no one wants to admit they’re unorganized, the truth is, it can be hard to achieve. And when it comes to keeping backstock organized it’s not only difficult; it’s vital. Backstock is expensive to acquire, to track, and to store. A recent report by Mobile Technology Products touts a 38% improvement in time management simply by using the right organizational tools.

Like many of you, our stores used a pretty elaborate system based on color codes, note taking and paperwork that felt out-of-date and was doing nothing to increase productivity and insights. So we decided to tackle the problem head on and built a system of bin management we could control right from the POS or any mobile device. It changed our business!

With ResaleAI’s Backstock system you can create a custom search based on bin numbers, content or an aging report – ensuring merchandise is moving through the system correctly. With the history report, it’s easy to see where bins are, who moved them and where they’re scheduled to move next – creating transparency and accountability for you and the team. And with our nightly reporting you’ll see how often the racks were replenished and with what items – insights you can use.

Learn more about how ResaleAI can help you be a more organized and informed team. We’d love to help get you started.