• Krista Leigh Salinski Avatar

    Krista Leigh Salinski

    5 star rating

    If you have not jumped on board with Resale AI, I encourage you to. It is impossible to regret! My staff & customers both love the features that this program offers, but I definitely love it the most! It keeps my store/staff organized and makes life way easier! I also love that if you're having any problems with the program you or your staff can chat with Jackson or Glenn and get a response/resolution quickly. Resale AI was created by a franchisee and that makes it even better... someone who knows your daily struggle and knows your business inside and out. I will recommend and stand behind Resale AI all day!

  • Linda Fong Avatar

    Linda Fong

    5 star rating

    Although I was not able to make it to 2016 conference, I learned about ResaleAI through (of all things!) a facebook sponsored ad. I immediately called to find out more. This has made my life so much easier in terms of communication and knowing where we are at all times. There are still the daily challenges of getting everyone on the same page and training, but at least we know where our numbers are, does away with the chat pages that very part timers miss out on information when they only work a few days a week - anybody can log in at anytime.

    The wheniwork and DRS integration - wow! The inventory tracking. Double wow! I don't have to keep any complicated spreadsheets and I can sort by category or age or location. It has been well worth implementing and wish we had it sooner!

  • Kate Finger Paynter Avatar

    Kate Finger Paynter

    5 star rating

    We own 16 Winmark stores and Resale AI has changed our life! A few reasons why we love Resale AI:

    1- We can more consistently manage our stores. The DMs and I can login and check to see that the opening & closing procedures are being completed.

    2- Our customer experience has improved. The customers love the text message feature!

    3- Emails are immediately uploaded into Constant Contact- this has saved us tons of time AND has improved sales since customers receive sale notification emails sooner

    4- Our Store Managers use the "Customer" feature to find customers who spend lots of money with us, and they text them to encourage them to come back for sales, promos, etc. This makes the customer feel like a "preferred customer" since we acknowledge their spending and loyalty to us.

    I could go on and on, but with just the items I listed below, we have seen great things happen in our business!