Opening a new store is exciting, and expensive.

We can help you start off right.

From the very first Day Close Report to the first bin of back stock, ResaleAI will help you run your store more efficiently so that you can focus on what matters most – like buying great inventory.

We will even train you and your management team on the best practices we have learned working with hundreds of Winmark franchisees (and opening 3 stores of our own).

And it is all FREE until your Grand Opening.

No contract to sign.
No hardware to buy.
No setup fee.

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The grand opening of our Plato’s Closet in Murfreesboro, TN

Customer Testimonials

Scott Ross Avatar
Scott Ross

5 star rating   I took forever deciding if I should purchase Resale AI. I wish I had done it much sooner.  - 4/18/2018

Nick Zirpoli Avatar
Nick Zirpoli

5 star rating   ResaleAi has tremendously helped me to get out of my store. I’m the type of person that has a very hard time letting go. With real-time sales, buys, trades, tasks, BACKSTOCK and two-way texting, at any second of the day I can quickly look at my phone to see how my store is performing. Automatic nightly emails with your day close report attached, task completion, bins entered to backstock, sales margin, etc. What more could you ask for? A Bounce-Back Coupon feature, yeah it has that too! I used it the first time this August, my customers were so exited they’d be getting a text message to remind them about the coupon they earned 6 weeks ago. Forgot your coupon? No problem, we can look them up by last name and phone # to redeem their offer. Redemption rate is way higher than it’s been with previous buy now, save later offers. The ResaleAi team is constantly adding new features and updates. They’re always looking for feedback and new ideas! This is a no-brainer for any Winmark franchisee. It keeps my staff on task and organized, it has that “cool” factor millennials love, and makes backstocking a breeze. Get on the RAI train NOW!  - 9/27/2017

Stacey O'Brien-MacLellan Avatar
Stacey O'Brien-MacLellan

5 star rating   If you are questioning the value of investing in Resale AI I can tell you that the efficiencies that Resale AI have brought to our store have more than made up for the monthly cost. We have been using Resale AI for over 2 years and initially signed up for the back stock feature (which is worth every penny of the monthly fee), but quickly realized that Resale AI was a game changer. I have become somewhat obsessive about checking the daily sales totals and how many buys are i... n the queue, but honestly the real time info lets me know if I need to go into the store to help or call staff in. Clients love that we text when their buy is done, and it saves staff so much time. We've been able to reduce our paperwork - not only do we use Resale for our "closet chat" and to assign daily, weekly and monthly tasks but now with Sign to Sell - no more sign in sheets!! Staff and customers LOVE Sign to Sell and as a side benefit it has significantly boosted our email list because it automatically prompts customers to enter their email address! Jackson and his team are constantly innovating and extremely responsive. I can't imagine not having Resale and am looking forward to using it from day 1 in our second location.  - 4/23/2018